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4 Winter Storage Tips To Add To Your Trailer Maintenance Checklist

Blog | May 27th, 2020

Autumn is fast approaching and many trailer owners are parking their trailers for the season.  Let’s face it… trailers are expensive and winters can be harsh!  Improper storage over the winter can turn a perfectly fine trailer into a possible rusty mess. These tips will help ensure that you don’t need to go shopping for a replacement trailer when spring arrives!

1.  We’ve all heard of ‘spring cleaning,’ but try some ‘Autumn” cleaning’ too.

The first thing that you can add to your trailer maintenance checklist so it survives winter is to give it a really thorough cleaning once autumn arrives.  Your trailer receives a lot of abuse throughout the year.  Dogs pee on the tires corroding the rims.  Road debris chips away at your paint or gal job and the summer sun beats endlessly down on your trailer.

If your trailer has an aluminium floor beneath the runners check for rust. Salt water, rain and debris tends to find its way there.

The second thing you can do as part of your ‘fall cleaning’ routine is to wash your trailer. and while you’re there, check tyre pressures. Just to make sure.

2.  Check for rust and corrosion on all steel parts.

Look over your trailer for chips or scrapes that may require touch up of cold gal. If these areas are left bare to the elements they will surely develop rust over the winter months.  This is especially important if you own an all-steel trailer.  The biggest place that rust occurs is in the seams where the tubing attaches to the sides. Rust is most likely going to occur here because that’s where moisture often gets trapped.

Check your jacks in the front and the coupler by the hitch are always made of strong steel.  With time, constant use can chip away at the surface of these areas and some touch up will help keep them nice and rust free.  Another area that people don’t always consider are the axles.  They are steel as well so it’s a good idea to crawl up under and see if rust is developing.

Corrosion can also occur on your trailer’s hinges.  We see this frequently, a hinge that has begun to corrode will make a horrible sound when opened.  If you force the hinge, it can even break.  There’s an easy solution.  WD-40 will work wonders on hinges. Use some sort of penetrating oil on the hinges at the end of the season before putting your trailer away and don’t be shy about over-applying.  This oil can prevent corrosion from occurring.

3.  Store your trailer INDOORS if you can!  If that’s impossible, then at least follow these vital rules.

Do you know your trailer’s greatest enemy?  The sun!  Can cause havoc for your tires, and frame. (if the frame was not washed after the last use)

If you can, store your trailer indoors if at all possible.  Besides avoiding damage from the sun, this will also prevent water damage from occurring.

For many people, storing their trailer outdoors is the only option.  In this case, make sure you protect your investment by buying a cover to keep your trailer dry and out of the sun.  Your tyres won’t appreciate exposure to the elements.  As a tyre goes through a heat cycle, it gets hot and cold. This breaks down the rubber composition and that wears the tires out. Over time, the tread might still look good, but the whole tyre will be compromised.

A little bit of maintenance with a cover can make a big difference long term.”

Do not park your trailer under trees with low hanging branches. Do not store your trailer out in a paddock.

4.  Use the winter months to find an awesome trailer repair shop!

As with all road vehicles, professional help is sometimes needed.  We recommend you visit us, Sales Trailers at 14A Barry Ave, Mortdale NSW 2223.  Some other trailers builders/shops  just fix what is the problem and that’s not the best. We will offer a complete trailer repair and maintenance solution.  Call us today on: (02) 9533 3652 to book your boat trailer in for a service or maintenance.

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