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Know the Differences between Powdercoated and Galvanized Boat Trailers

Blog | January 15th, 2019

If you are in the market for a trailer for your boat, then it is advised for you learn to know the differences between powdercoated and galvanized boat trailers. It’s a fact, boat trailers corrode and wear out quickly, and this is especially true if you launch your boat often in salt water.

Salt water will eventually cause the metal of a boat trailer to rust, even if it is well protected. While painting can definitely help to protect steel boat trailers from rusting, there are other more effective means, such as powdercoating. A high quality powder coat finish can protect steel from salt water and keep it from rusting, preserving it in a like-new condition for years.

Choosing a galvanized boat trailer is another option that most boat owners prefer, but to help you make the best choice it is advised to learn to know the differences between powdercoated and galvanized boat trailers.

The Difference Between Powdercoating and Galvanizing Boat Trailers

Whether you have an older boat trailer you want to clean up and add a protective layer of powedercoating against rust and corrosion, or you are in the market for a new boat trailer and you are considering the benefits of a galvanized trailer, knowing the differences between powdercoating and galvanizing will help you make the best choice.

Powdercoating and Galvanizing Explained

Powdercoating – this protective methods entails an electrostatic application of a special dry powder to metal surfaces, once dried or cured, it forms a very strong protective layer that is resistant to salt water, rust, and corrosion. While powdercoated boat trailers are available, this method is recommended as a means of fixing-up and protecting older boat trailers from exposure to salt water.

Galvanizing – this involves dipping or immersing steel or iron in a bath of molten zinc. The zinc will then bond or alloys with the surface of the base metal to create a very strong protective coating. Hot-dip galvanization is one of the best protections against corrosion cause from exposure to salt water, which is why most new boat trailers today are galvanized.

Experienced boat owners recommend galvanized boat trailers because they easy to maintain and provide a better protection against salt water, rust and corrosion. You can find new galvanized boat trailers for aluminium boats and fibreglass boats, as well as trailers for sailing, kayaks, and ski boats, here at Sales Trailers – Sydney’s premier boat trailer manufacturer and supplier.