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Transporting Inflatable Boats: Why and Inflatable Boat Trailer is a Necessity?

Blog | January 31st, 2019

With a weekend away from work on the dock, what could be better than a getaway to your favourite lake or beach? If you are a boat owner, getting to the water can be one of the best pleasures in the world. Simply relaxing in your rigid inflatable boat (RIB) while you cast out a fishing line or sip on a cold beverage can feel amazing! However, you really cannot get to that water source with your boat intact without the proper boat trailer to help you get there. With an inflatable boat, your boat trailer needs are going to change. Today, we are going to talk about the importance of an inflatable boat trailer!

Inflatable Boat Trailer: Benefits

As you no doubt know, inflatable boats can range in quality from extremely durable to incredibly fragile. If you have a fragile inflatable boat, you know very well the dangers that come with hauling it around. Having the wrong pressure applied to your boat can end up sinking the inflatable boat before you even get it to the water! With so many trailers available for conventional boats, why is it important to pick an inflatable boat trailer? Why is it necessary to opt for a special type of trailer for your rigid inflatable boat? Well, we have a few simple answers!

1) Safe & Effective Hauling – With the right inflatable boat trailer, you’ll be able to safely and effectively haul your inflatable boat without damaging the product. If you have a fragile inflatable boat or one that simply isn’t rated to handle much external pressure, you might want to consider opting for a flatbed boat trailer. These will minimise your boat’s exposure to the elements as well as potential ‘popping points’ due to metal.

2) Lightweight & Affordable – Inflatable boat trailers are typically significantly lighter and less expensive than their larger counterparts. Regular boat trailers have to be durable enough to handle quite the heavy load while still being functional on the road. With an inflatable boat, the demands and rigours that are required of your trailer will dramatically be reduced. On top of all of that, your inflatable boat trailer will be significantly more affordable than your larger counterparts.

3) Easy to Maneuver – Finally, an inflatable boat trailer is much easier to maneuver while on the road than a traditional trailer. Due to the lightweight nature of your boat, you’ll be able to haul your trailer with minimal fuss while on the road.

When it comes time to hit the water, don’t be caught without the right boat trailer on your side. Here at Sales Trailers Australia, we are fully stocked with all of the trailers that you need. Call us today to start browsing for the right trailer for you!