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The Benefits of LED Lightings in Your Boat Trailer

Blog | June 19th, 2019

Owning and maintaining a boat trailer comes with the territory when you purchase a boat. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay nearly as much attention to their trailer as they do their boat. Your boat trailer is designed to safely get you and your vessel to the docks. With that being said, there are ways that you can improve upon your trailer’s capabilities. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of installing LED lighting to your boat trailer. We’ll highlight the impact that LED lighting can have on both the function of your trailer and your own safety.

Installing LED Lighting on Your Boat Trailer

If you purchased an older boat trailer, you likely would have incandescent lighting installed where your trailer lights are. At one point in time, incandescent lighting was the only option available. Nowadays, we know that LED lighting can provide more power at a cheaper cost. Unfortunately, most people don’t feel like they need to make the jump to LED lighting for something as simple as their boat trailer. They would be wrong. Listed below, you’ll find just the first handful of benefits that can come when you put LED lighting on your trailer.

1) Long lasting Bulbs – First and foremost, your LED trailer lights are going to last significantly longer than your incandescent lighting options. LED lamps can last up to 100,000 hours before they burn out. The average incandescent trailer light will last around 17,000 hours. That’s a pretty big difference, right? Despite how much longer your LED lights will last, you are actually drawing less power. That’s pretty cool, right?

2) Brighter Lights –
While the primary benefit of a LED light will be its long-lasting nature, LED lights are also brighter! Typically, newer LED trailer lights will dramatically outperform your older trailer lights. LED lights also light at a faster speed than regular lighting. What does this mean? You’ll see things clearer and quicker so that you can drive safely.

3) Safety Benefits – As we pointed out above, LED lights tend to illuminate faster than incandescent lighting. Why is this so important? Well, if you use LED lights for your brakes, the quicker illumination could be the difference between a fender bender and a close call. LED lights can actually save you from getting into an accident, who’d have known?

If you are looking for an affordable way to upgrade your boat trailer, installing LED lights should be your first choice. New LED lights on your trailer can dramatically improve not only the appearance of your boat trailer but the function of your trailer as well.