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Differences between A-Frame Boat Trailer, Skid Trailer, and Roller Boat Trailer

Blog | December 17th, 2018

Are you finally ready to take that next big step from being someone who enjoys being on the water, to an actual boat owner? If you are, then you probably already have a boat picked out, which means that you will need to get a boat trailer for it.

There are a few types of boat trailer types you will surely hear about, and knowing the difference between them is essential to find the right one for your boat. The different types of boat trailers are the a-frame boat trailer, the skid trailer, and the roller boat trailer. Each type of boat trailer has its own characteristics, and is designed to accommodate either aluminium boats or fibreglass boats. The length of the boat trailer will also determine sized of the boat it can carry as well as the amount of weight it is able to accommodate.

Taking these aspects into consideration, and in an effort to help new boat owners to better understand the types of boat trailers available, so that they can choose which one is best for their boat and avoid common mistakes people make when buying a boat trailer, a simple description of each kind of boat trailer mentioned will be explained below:

  • A-frame boat trailer – most small boats used in rivers and lakes are aluminium boats of less than 4.1m length, and a-frame boat trailers are specially designed to carry and launch these, but it is advised to always purchase a galvanised frame trailer to prevent corrosion and rust, especially if you plan on launching your boat in saltwater.
  • Skid Trailer – this type of boat trailer is typically made for medium sized pressed alloy hull boats, or even rotor-moulded plastic hulls between 4.1m – 4.4m length, with plastic skids that are typically covered with carpet or Teflon to make launching and retrieving easier, and helps reduce hull flex when boats are being towed.
  • Roller Boat Trailer – these boat trailers are designed for larger fibreglass boats ranging from 4.8m to 7.2m in length. With bottom and side rollers replacing skids, it is much easier to launch and retrieve boats.

Understanding these basic differences will help you to choose the best trailer for your new boat. But it is still highly advised to consult with boat trailer experts to avoid common mistakes when buying a boat trailer; mainly, to make sure that the trailer you are buying is the right size for your new boat.