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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying Your Boat Trailers

Blog | January 25th, 2018

To transport most sizes of boats safely on the road, you will need some type of trailer. You may understand how to purchase the ideal boat, but you may not know how to do the same with boat trailers. When you are unaware of common mistakes that others make, it is easy to wind up with the wrong trailer. For this reason we offer you examples of these mistakes, so that you can avoid making them.

1. Not making sure that the trailer is the correct size. The trailer should be of a length and width to fit your boat’s hull securely or the boat has a risk of moving around during transport. This may even lead to the boat coming off the trailer as you travel down the road.

2. Choosing a trailer with an inadequate weight capacity. The trailer could break and fall apart if you do not make certain that it can hold your boat’s weight.

3. Buying a non-galvanised trailer for saltwater use. When you do this, the saltwater will corrode the metal parts of the trailer. As a result, the trailer will not last as long as it should under normal use conditions.

4. Not ensuring that the axle bearings are properly greased. The bearings can seize up and damage your axle otherwise, and when this can occurs it leads to costly repairs.

5. Purchasing a trailer that is in poor condition just to save money. Many boat owners have made this mistake. A used trailer in rundown condition is not a way to save money. You will wind up spending all of your savings or more repairing the damage.

6. Spending too much for a trailer. Ensure that the place where you purchase your boat trailer is selling it for a competitive price. The last thing you need to do is overspend on one.

7. No lights on the trailer. After all, you will need them of on-road travel.

8. Not ensuring that the roller bars and winch operate properly. Without these elements operating correctly, you will have a difficult time loading and unloading your boat at the water.

9. Not buying one that is submersible. All boat trailers area not submersible. Some are only for dry dock or other storage situations. If you need to unload your boat into the water via a boat ramp, the trailer should be built as a submersible one.

To avoid making these mistakes, turn to Sales Trailers. We sell a wide assortment of boat trailers, parts, accessories, related services and repairs. When you purchase a boat trailer from our company, it will operate correctly and hold up well under normal use conditions.