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Boat Trailer Parts Online: Winches and Components (Purposes and Functions)

Blog | July 16th, 2018

Most boat trailers contain winches along with their other components to help place your boat in the water as well as to offer assistance in removing the boat from the water. Also, winches play an integral role in stablising the boat during transport of it. Over time, winches and the other components of the boat trailer will require replacement since they will cease to perform their functions in the proper manner. Luckily, when this occurs with your boat trailer, you can purchase replacement parts online here at Sales Trailers. We discuss examples of our winches and components in the following details along with their purposes and functions.

Models of Winches That We Offer

1-1 Ratio Strap Winch uses a strap to load and unload the boat
1-1 Ratio Wire Winch uses a wire to load and unload your boat
1-1, 5-1 or 15-1 Three-Speed Strap Winch, regardless of the model that you select of this winch, it has three operating speed adjustments

Our Wheel and Tyre Combinations

10-inch Trailer Wheel and Tyre has a five-stud HT pattern Holden bearing mount with bearings with a four-stud mini pattern
Eight-inch Trailer Wheel and Tyre similar to the above style except that it is an eight-inch model instead of a 10-inch one
Nine-inch Velox Trailer Wheel and Tyre is the same as above except a different size
Sunraiser Wheel and Tyre has a 13-inch 155 LT tyre with a Ford stud pattern wheel

*Note: The above wheel and tyre combinations are for each side of the trailer. We have other tires that are suitable for installation on the center front of certain boat trailers.*

Examples of Our Couplings

Couplings are what hook onto the trailer hitch to securely hold the trailer onto your vehicle during transports. Below, are some examples of the ones that we carry:

70-mm Electric Ball Coupling specs include 4500-kg, four-hole, 70-ml electric coupling
Zinc Non-Brake Coupling is a two-hole, 50-mm ball coupling that is rated for 2000 kg

We Also Carry Light Options

Lights are necessary on a trailer in order for you to operate it at night. Two models that we carry of these are as follows:

ARK LED Submersible Trailer Lights
 are LED lights that come in a pair of lights that are fully submersible with ADR-compliant lenses of polycarbonate for strength along with being UV stabilized
Submersible Boat Trailer Lights that are a pair of 12-V trailer lights with carbonate lenses and they comply with ADR standard

For further details about our winches and components for boat trailers that we offer online, browse through our website or contact us directly. We strive to provide the highest-quality products with every order.