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Boat Trailer Wheels and Tyres Available Online for Your Convenience

Blog | October 23rd, 2017


There are many boaters all over Australia, and one of the things that they have in common is a preference for high quality boat trailer parts at affordable prices. Keeping a boat trailer in good working order is easier when you maintain it with quality parts, some of the most important parts are the wheels and tyres.

If you are in need of new boat trailer wheels and tyres, but you are too far from a supplier to simply pick them up on your free time, not to worry because you can order them online at your convenience at Sales Trailers. As long as you know the wheel and tyre sizes you need, ordering is easy and delivery is fast.

New boat trailer wheels and tyres will make sure that when you are headed out to your favourite dock, boat ramp, lake shore, or river’s edge, your boat is in good, sturdy hands. Interesting to note that many boat owners have assumed that their boat trailer tyres are just like their car’s tyres, but they are not. Actually, the most common roadside problems boat owners experience are related to boat trailer tyre problems.

To better help our customers get the right wheels and tyres they need for their boat trailers, to avoid common roadside problems, it is important to understand the difference between boat trailer tyres and car tyres.

Boat Trailer Tyres not Car Tyres

Boat trailers tyres and wheels are specially made to meet the demands of trailers, unlike car tyres that are designed to handle braking systems and sophisticated suspension demands, using car tyres on your boat trailer becomes a safety issue. Instead, boat trailer tyres are designed to be free-spinning and passive, and to sit underneath a stiff load bearing suspension.

Trailer tyres are also narrow and have shallow treads, unlike car tyres, this not only helps improve fuel economy, but also prevents the tyres from wobbling. It is also recommended that boat trailer tyres are replaced roughly every 3-5 years, depending on use, and even if there is plenty of tread still left on them. The reason for this because of oxidation.

Most trailers sit in the same spot for weeks and months at a time, although they may not get much road use, UV radiation exposure from the sun weakens the sidewalls, combined with pressurised air causes damage inside the tyres that can’t be seen.

So, if it is time to get some new tyres for your boat trailer, don’t worry about having to haul yourself down to a shop far off, instead, order your boat trailer wheels and tyres online at your convenience from Sales Trailers Pty. Ltd.