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Custom BBQ Box Trailers: Benefits and Purposes

Blog | November 15th, 2018

It’s no secret, Australians ‘love’ to BBQ in their backyards, in their front yards, in the back of their trucks, and anywhere where there are good friends, drinks, and a grill to cook on. In fact, barbecuing is a popular activity everywhere, at beaches, parks, and marinas, during birthday parties, wedding receptions, graduations, company parties, and for any good reason to get family and friends together in one place to share a meal.

Unfortunately, at most public places, such as parks and beaches, what few barbecue grills are available are usually being utilised by others. When it comes to planned parties and gatherings, it is vital to have a BBQ grill that is dedicated just for the event. If only people had the capability to take their barbecue grills with them, wherever needed. Now they can, with a custom BBQ box trailer from Sales Trailers.

If you love to BBQ food, and you enjoy entertaining guests, then you don’t have to feel limited to hosting only backyard barbecue parties. Now, with a custom BBQ box trailer, you can take your party and friends on the road!

Benefits and Purposes of Custom BBQ Box Trailers

The main purpose of a BBQ box trailer is obvious, it allows people to have the ability to grill food wherever needed. While there are large commercial BBQ trailers available for hire to cook with, or as part of a catering service, these can be expensive and are often used for large parties with over 100 people.

Smaller, custom BBQ box trailers are ideal for parties with fewer people and are affordable enough to own, and use whenever and wherever you feel like barbecuing with your family and friends. One of the advantages of a personal BBQ box trailer is the various size options available (6×4, 7×4, 7×5, 8×5), built to specification.

Box-style utility trailers are versatile and can serve many purposes and functions, and at Sales Trailers, we custom make and carry a selection of box trailers with various capabilities, such as:

– Standard box trailer
– Box trailer caged
– Tarp covered box trailer
– Caged lawn mowing trailer
– BBQ box trailer

Box trailers can come with either a single or a tandem axle, depending upon your choice of size, with painted or galvanised finishes. Cages for box trailers come in three heights, namely 650 mm, 950 mm and 1200 mm.