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Custom-Built or Standard Boat Trailers: Sales Trailers Offers the Best Quality

Blog | February 14th, 2018


While you diligently search for the ideal boat for your purposes, do not forget to seek out the best trailer for it. After all, many boats spend most of the year being transported back and forth to the water or stored on one. The trailer needs to be able to carry your boat safely and securely. It also should be durable enough to last for years. Step one in finding the right trailer is to deal with a reputable company. Sales Trailers is this type of company and provides both custom-built and standard boat trailers that are top quality and durable.

Examples of Our Boat Trailers

Tandem-Axle Boat Trailer – This trailer is available in 5.5 m to 7 m lengths. Its features include a fully galvanised frame, 24 to 30 rollers depending upon the length, galvanised springs and fittings, galvanised nuts and bolts, mechanical override for the couplings and brakes, galvanised solid axles, LED lights and more.

Powder-Coated Boat Trailer – We offer this selection in lengths of 5 m to 8.5 m. and it has a fully galvanised frame. In addition, other galvanised parts include fitting, nuts, bolts, springs, solid axles, 14-foot steel rim and hubs with marine seals. Other features are such elements as mechanical override disc brakes, a webbing winch, a six-foot swing-up jockey wheel, LED lights, a powder-coated frame, transom strap tie-down points and more.

Breakaway 23-Foot to 26-Foot Multi-Roller Boat Trailer – Features on this trailer include such elements as: GVM that ranges from 2500 kg to 4500 kg, a fully galvanised frame, stainless steel bearing buddies, LED lights, hydraulic disc brakes and mud flaps. The galvanised parts include fittings, bolts, nuts, solid axles. Let us not forget that this selection comes with multiple rollers, eight-foot swing-up jockey wheel, 14-foot light truck tyres and other useful features.

Sailing Boat Trailer – We custom build this to the exact specifications that you require to transport your sailboat.

Ski Boat Trailer – This is another trailer that we custom build to the specifications of your ski boat to ensure safe, secure transport and storage.

Additional Information About Our Company

If you are still wondering why you should rely on us for your new boat trailers, you need to do this since we concentrate on delivering quality trailers to all of our clients that are stylish, durable and well-designed. Our experience in this business spans over 40 years. We also specialise in Australian built trailers whether you require a standard model or a customised one. For further facts about our company and products browse through our website or contact us directly.