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Purposes and Functions of Box Trailers

Blog | March 14th, 2018

When you are going to pull loads with your vehicle, you must use the proper type of trailer. While boat trailers are well-known since they transport boats safely and securely, box-style utility trailers have a wide assortment of purposes and functions. It is the latter type that we will be discussing in this information. The reason we know so much about this topic is that here are Sales Trailers, we carry different models of the box trailers and understand their various capabilities.

Uses for Box Trailers

Box-style utility trailers are ideal for transporting plants, grass seed, small pieces of furniture and at times, lawnmowers and other small pieces of equipment just for some examples. You probably have your own unique needs for this type of trailer. To fully utilise your choice in these trailers, you must choose the right model since each one has different characteristics and features.

Examples of Our Box Trailers

Caged Box Trailers come in sizes from 6×4 to 8×5. Also, they contain either a single or a tandem axle depending upon its size. We offer both painted and galvanised finishes. Three cage heights are available, namely 650 mm, 950 mm and 1200 mm. Also, these trailers can be in galvanised or painted finishes.

Box Trailers come in five different sizes ranging from 6×4 to 10×5. You also can choose from a single or a tandem axle. The finish can be either galvanised or painted. It is ideal for medium to heavy-duty loads. Height choices for the side walls are 300 mm and 500 mm.

Tarp-Covered Boxed Trailers are available in sizes from 6×4 to 8×5. Similar to the caged version, this model has a structure around the trailer but with the addition of a tarp to keep the cargo dry and clean during transport.

Lawn Mowing Trailers come in sizes ranging from 6×4 to 8×5 and have mesh loading ramps. Tandem and single axles are available and these trailers also contain a mesh mower basket. We carry two versions with one being here and the other being on this page.

BBQ Trailers are custom-made to your specifications and can range from 6×4 to 8×5 in size.

For further details about the purposes and functions of box trailers and the models we carry of them, browse through our website or contact us directly. Remember that we also carry other types of trailers for your consideration, parts and accessories, repairs and other pertinent services. All of our trailers are well-built and durable since we have more than 40 years of experience in the trailer business.