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Shark Cat Trailers: Uses and Applications

Blog | May 15th, 2018

Sometimes product descriptions do communicate their messages in a forthright manner. Nothing else need be said. Case in point, Shark Cat trailers are designed to cradle and transport Shark Cat boats. Let’s roll up to a drydocked member of this boating family to see if it deserves its own launch and carry cradle on wheels. Well, what is there to say? That twin-hulled craft absolutely rates its own custom-built trailer.

A Custom-Built Ride 

Shark Cat boats are famous for several reasons. For anyone who’s had the chance to cut through rough waters on one of these beauties, they know right away that ride stability tops the features list. The easy turns of the twin-hulled craft as it glides through a cresting wave have earned the boats a reputation. They’re the easy-ride kings, the at-rest rocks that deliver an even keel, even when the water turns exceptionally choppy. How, then, could a Shark Cat trailer betray this stout design feature? Built to deliver custom-designed carrying strength, these mobile boat carriers mirror that soft ride experience.

The Right Fit: Shark Cat Trailers 

Built for catamarans in general and Shark Cat boats in particular, the trailers described here are designed to match the unique profiles of twin-hulled vessels, not the conventional single hulled outlines that grace unremarkable skiffs as they head for the water’s edge. They’re wider than those traditional metal frames, and that broader base is there to ensure the wider bow of a catamaran receives the support it needs. Next, twin sets of rolling cylinders are fitted on either side of the trailer frame. When the Shark Cat slips into the water, it does so easily because of those weight-bearing rollers.

Road and Pontoon Ready 

Lightweight metal rods curve up at the rear end of the cradle. Up front, a T-shaped bar sits waiting for the light impact of the catamaran as it slides back into its support frame. Rubberized wheels and plastic buffers are positioned at the ends of each retaining bar, so the dual hulled craft never receives a scratch if a pontoon loading maneuver is carried out carelessly. Frankly, custom-built Shark Cat trailers are every bit as stable as their precious loads, for they practically embrace those unique hull profiles while they grant their double-hulled cargos a smooth ride.

Built to the client’s specifications, it takes real engineering savvy to fabricate a catamaran trailer that suits the demands of a Shark Cat boat. Remember, as far as catamarans go, the Shark line offers a premium boating experience. Respect that top-tier taste of the seagoing life by giving this twin-hulled beauty the ride it deserves.