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The Importance of Corrosion Check on Boat Trailers

Blog | August 31st, 2017

To ensure that a boat trailer lasts as long as it should, you must do periodic maintenance on it, including performing a rust or corrosion check. While a trailer can rust from use in freshwater, saltwater is a major catalyst for corrosion since it accelerates the process. By doing periodic checks for problems, you can catch issues early on in order to correct them before they turn into major repairs. Regardless of the age of your trailer, you should inspect it at least once a year, preferably more often, for corrosion.

The Trailer Elements That Need Corrosion Inspection

  • Framework
  • All types of the bolts, washers and nuts that attach the various pieces of the trailer to each other, especially those that are immersed during launch and retrieval
  • Springs
  • Axle
  • Center pins
  • Equalizer bars
  • Roller bracket and related parts
  • Wheel Elements
  • Tongue
  • Bow stop
  • Brakes
  • Winch
  • Electrical elements, including the lights
  • Keel parts
  • Guides
  • Mud guards
  • Any other part that may suffer corrosion

How to Prevent Corrosion

The first way to prevent corrosion on a boat trailer is to buy a quality one that is built for the type of water that you will be traversing in with your boat. Aluminium and galavanised trailers are both available on the market today, but not all of them are rated for saltwater use. Check the rating on a new trailer to ensure it has the construction to resist corrosion in saltwater. If you are purchasing a used trailer, inspect it for signs of corrosion or a fresh paint job. Fresh paint may be hiding the rust.

You also need to perform an in-depth cleaning on the trailer after each use and dry it as thoroughly as possible before storing it. Remember that any moisture sitting on metal can cause corrosion. Ensure that the storage area offers protection from rain and other damp weather elements, even if you need to cover the trailer with a tarp. Before and after each use is the perfect time to perform a corrosion check on your boat trailer. Address each issue immediately to prevent a severe problem.

For further information about the importance of corrosion check on boat trailers, consult with Sales Trailers here in Sydney, Australia. Our company sells various trailers, offers pertinent parts and accessories, and performs repairs and maintenance services. We will advise you on the proper trailer for your needs and even instruct you on how to care for it in such a manner that you lower the risk of corrosion with it.