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The Importance of Doing a Corrosion Check on Your Boat Trailer

Blog | May 29th, 2018

If you’ve spent any measure of time around the water with your own boat or boat trailer, then you know the kind of dread that the word ‘corrosion’ can instill. Corrosion is a damaging side-effect of having metal products interact with water on a regular basis. If you love hitting the water to fish or sail, then corrosion is something that you’ll just have to deal with at some point in time. While corrosion may be a fact of life, it doesn’t have to be one that you embrace. Today, we are going to take some time in order to discuss the importance of doing a full corrosion check on your boat trailer every time that you take it out to the water.

Corrosion Checks and You

Your boat trailer is just as important to your water-faring ventures as your boat. Okay, maybe not AS important but still, pretty darn close. Your boat trailer is in charge of getting your boat to and from the water and if your trailer starts to struggle with corrosion, your entire day at the water is going to be ruined. In order to offset the dangers of corrosion, you’ll need to do what we call a complete corrosion check on your boat trailer. These periodic corrosion checks can help you to offset potential larger issues by making yourself aware of them before they grow. When doing a corrosion check, you need to make sure that your overview is exhaustive. What does this mean? Keep on reading.

A thorough corrosion check will entail taking a close look at the entire framework of your boat trailer. You’ll want to look at the broad strokes of the trailer before looking up close. Analyse your brakes, your bolts and washers, your springs and your axle and your tongue. Go over every inch of your boat trailer on a fairly regular basis and you’ll be making sure that you offset any major problems in the future.

Preventing Corrosion on Your Boat Trailer

Once you get into the habit of doing a corrosion spot checks, you can also start developing a way to battle back against the problem. Corrosion is endemic to hitting the water, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to offset the issue. Corrosion is typically created by saltwater hitting the metal of your boat trailer. You can offset this corrosion by purchasing high-quality anti-corrosion paint for your trailer. Additionally, you can also get into the habit of thoroughly washing your boat trailer after every visit to the water.