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The Risks of Buying Cheap Imported Trailers

Blog | November 13th, 2017

We’re sure that everybody has daydreamed about one day owning a boat. Owning a boat is something of a ‘status’ moment. If you have a boat that means you have worked hard enough to earn yourself a free day out on the water — fishing or even just taking in the sun for a relaxing day. When people daydream about boats, they rarely think to daydream about a high quality boat trailer to move their new vessel around. Today we are going to talk about boat trailers and how you need to be wary of option to purchase the cheaper, imported trailers that may seem appealing at first glance.

Buying the Right Trailer

When you go to haul your boat to the water, you don’t want to have sudden issues with your boat trailer. A busted boat trailer can mean that you are landlocked until you come up with the time and money to fix whatever problem you’ve run into. These sorts of unforeseen problems are relatively common with cheaper imports and that is where we are going to start our discussion. Here are the top risks that you run when buying imported, low-cost, low-quality trailers.

1. Poor Quality Control – When you buy from a local Australian shop, like Sails Trailers, you know you are getting a top of the line product that has been tested to meet rigorous quality control standards. When you get a trailer from out of the country, for pennies on the dollar, there are no such assurances.

2. Bad Customer Service – Buying a cheap imported boat trailer might work out until you need to engage in some customer service. Unforeseen issues happen all of the time, but dealing with an import means that you are going to have to jump extra hurdles in order to get your problem solved.

3. Damaged in Transit – We’re not saying that every important boat trailer is going to get damaged or dinged up, but yours might end up that way. Obviously, cheaper imports aren’t going to be as big of a priority in terms of quality control in comparison to well-made local products. As a result of this poor quality control, you’ll likely also be pushed to purchase an otherwise expensive and unnecessary warranty.

4. Lack of Options
– Finally, when you are ordering out of the country then your library of options is naturally going to be limited. With a limited library of items, nebulous shipping and arrival times, and exorbitant hidden costs — it might behove you just to say no to cheap imports.