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Tips in Choosing Quality Trailers for Sailing and Kayaks

Blog | June 28th, 2018

It’s a beautiful day and you are ready to hit the water. You have your brand new kayak ready to go but you just realised something important: you never spent the necessary time needed to purchase a proper quality kayak trailer! Without the ability to haul your kayak or kayaks, you are left in a rather tough spot. In order to prevent this from ever becoming a problem, let’s take some time to teach you how to select the right trailer for your kayaking needs. There are plenty of different sailing and kayak trailers available on the market, so rely on this guide when you begin to shop around.

Choosing the Right Sailing and Kayak Trailer

The first thing you are probably thinking, when reading this post, is that a roof rack is probably as good as a kayak and sailing trailer. This just isn’t the case. While roof racks are usable in some situations, nothing can beat a great kayak trailer. With that out of the way, we’ll re-focus and put the qualities of a kayak trailer back at the front of our discussion. There are going to be a few key questions that you need to ask yourself as you go through the process of adding a kayak trailer to your life. Let’s get started.

1) How many kayaks will you be carrying around?

Don’t just think about the individual kayak that you have now, consider future kayaks as well. Are you ever going to go kayaking with a friend or family member?

2) What kind of trailer hitch and receiver do I have?

You’ll need to make sure that the sailing and kayak trailer you purchase can work with the primary vehicle that you will be driving.

3) What kind of water are you going to be kayaking in? 

The reason we ask this is pretty simple: if you are launching in salt water, you’ll want to have an aluminium or galvanised trailer for extra protection. If you’ll be boating in fresh water, your options are wider.

Get Your Trailer with Help from Sales Trailers

If you are going to be adding a sailing and kayak trailer to your garage, there is only one company that can help you out: Sales Trailers. We have over 40 years of experience working within the trailer industry and our trained sales techs are ready to help you out today. We emphasise our focus on kayak and sailing trailers that are Australian made. If you’re ready to order your next trailer, we’re ready to help.